Problem animation on my model scene

Hello, I imported an animated scene from Blender to Sketchfab and I noticed an issue about a particular animation in the scene. The problem is that the head of the robot is not in the right position and I don’t know how to solve it.

Here the link of the model and the screenshoot

Like says @NicolasCuttoli in this topic : Blender animated parts moved locations

" try to apply the transformation to your object
select it, ctrl+A → apply Location.
You can also apply rotation & scale transform if they are problematic.
Sometimes if you scale/move/rotate an object in Blender without applying the transformation when you import it into sektchfab its location might be reinitialized "

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Ohh thank you a lot. That is what I do when I have to import a mesh to Unreal.
So then I have to reimport my object … I hope I don’t have to set the parameters again …

Just tried. The head changes place and being animated every time it moves away from the body if I apply location… I don’t know.

really cool scene, kinda reminds me of the movie tron. :sunglasses:

To the problem: It’s hard to tell without the file, so I’ll try to cover as much as possible.

A small checklist:

  1. —Use of modifiers, constraints—
    Some modifiers/ constraints are not supported and need to be baked into keyframes.(especially for parenting objects)

  2. —Unnessesary/ undeleted Keyframes—

  3. —Delta keyframes—
    Blender gives you the ability to add pseudo keyframes (useful for fixing animation without changing the actual keyframe) but can cause some issues (eg. for baking). I rarely use those.

If you are willing to share only the robot model, I could eventually take a look at it

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Thank you dude.
If you help me I can share you my blend file privately.

Sure thing bud, just send me a link if the tips above didn’t work and i’ll send feedback if I can find the perpetrator and how to fix. But like I said, only if given permission.

Of course, but I need your mail or private contact because I can’t share it here

My bad, forgot there is no contact button on basic accounts.

Thank you. Sent!

Thanks for sending me the file. This was a tough nut to crack. At first I believed the culprit was the Keyframe on the location, so I removed them. No luck.

I’ve figured there is some kind of parenting limit on Sketchfab, no matter how many times I un and reparented the head.

I came up with two solutions to prevent this in the future:

  1. Use of an armature ( used this on my Witchchan-Trapped in the Game Model —> didn’t fail)
  2. Baking the Animation, as shown in the video below (no more weird shifting)
    Baking the Animation.mp4 - Google Drive
    starts at 00:20 sec

If you don’t mind, I would suggest to join some of the tiny background cars together, because this would improve upload time and performance massively. Right now each car has their own set of animation, and sketchfab has to look at all of them (Another advantage of using armature). I also tested how the road would look with the decimate modifier and thought it was neat


Thank you so much for you time.
I tried the second solution because it seemed the fastest one but it didn’t work. I did everything like in the video.

I’m not an animator, what I did in that scene is the best I can do but I’ll try the first solution anyway…

The machines I added a decimated modifier, now they are lighter. As for the animation I’m afraid of ruining everything.

I checked again and realized that the reason it worked is because before the bake I fixed the origin point (our true culprit) of the robot body (rightclick–set origin–to geometry) The head will jump after that, so I suggest to bake the head before so that you don’t need to fix that later.
Here is what it should look on sketchfab:

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What a frustration, I couldn’t fix it like you said.
Did you upload the blend file or an fbx file?
I apologize…

can you share the blend with me too i would like to take a look

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Of course, but I need your contact

Send the blendfile via mail to you with a list of all the fixes and changes I made.
notify me if you received it.

No worries, we all need to start from somewhere, right?

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can you join the discord? you can DM me the blend there, but also others might be able to help.

unless @TheLastAirblender has found you a suitable solution, in which case kudos to them and happy days to you!

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Problem solved, thank you very much!
I wish there were such nice people in the world like you.

I was afraid of having to reset all the parameters and instead those of the old file remained.
Next time I will do better, I will learn how to make a better and cleaner animation.

Soon I want to upload a modular horror asset.

Thanks again.


Thank you, the problem is solved now.