Problem applying material/texture

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I am generating models using Structure Synth. The software allows to generate complex structures but does not do any materials or textures - all I get is an object with groups of different colours.
My problem is that after uploading the model to Sketchfab I seem to be unable to apply a texture in the material tab -
all I get is a colour.
I know that I need to do it manually but even a basic texture is not applied in Sketchfab.
This is a basic model - just a few boxes and I have uploaded 3 textures in different resolutions but they never show up.
Any idea why that might be?
Importing a model into Blender allows me to apply textures to a group of colours but somehow it doesn't seem to work directly in Sketchfab.
Link to the very basic model

Is there any obvious reason for that or something silly I am missing??

Has this to do with missing UV mapping? I guess Structure Synth - since it can only do colours doesn't do anything with UV mapping?
Is there a way to do that in Sketchfab or do I need to do that in another program?


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I think it is missing any UV mapping which means I can't apply textures/materials.
Had a quick try with freeware UVmapper and that seems to solve the problem.


Looks like you've figured out the problem.

Yes, we need proper UV mapping to correctly apply a texture. Otherwise, the [0, 0] pixel's color will be applied to the whole mesh (I think).

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Thanks for the confirmation - that is what I thought