PROBLEM: camera clipping:(


(Swami Mathtraveler) #1

If zoomed “too close”, this model gets clipped (go to annotation #01). Minimized “problem” by setting FOV to 15º, but this has undesirable effect of taking perspective away.

I suspect the wide scale range of the scene could be the problem. The “nebula” model is encased in a ‘world within a world’: its sphere is in a bigger sphere. The idea is to view the nebula isolated “by itself”, then to zoom out to view related/informational images (along w/ hyperlinks in annotations).





The clipping distance is indeed determined by the scene scale / bounding box. Removing the largest sphere should help. I just upgraded you to an Educational PRO account, so you can upload a custom background or HDR environment instead of using a sky box. Generally, it's best to avoid sky boxes because of the bounding box also affects shadow quality and makes navigation more difficult.


(Swami Mathtraveler) #3

Hi James,

Thx for the prompt, and helpful reply. And, a special thx for the kind, unexpected upgrade to the “Educational PRO” account!:slight_smile: I really appreciate that.

Removing the big sphere and using a custom background could make for a nice solution. Thx for the suggestion, and the account type necessary to do it. And, a side benefit of the account is the annotation limit extended to 20. That’s gonna be quite helpful, too:)

OK, ya’ll keep up the great work on your end, and I’ll keep creating content:)…



P.S. I’m still gonna explore the “sphere worlds” idea. Originally, I had the model surrounded by the images, but things just seemed to get in the way of each other. New idea, still using spheres: put objects in their own, individual sphere, then use annotations to move between/within. Could even label the spheres from outside, plus have a different texture from the inside. Hm, does Sketchfab support 2-sided materials? I will just have to make two separate sphere shells? Either way, may make a nice presentation.

P.P.S. Selectively excluding objects from receiving (or casting) shadows could be helpful.


Let us know how it goes :slight_smile:

P.S. - No support for 2-sided materials at the moment (or at least, 2 sides with different materials). I've always thought it was a but strange, and I've only seen it in SketchUp.

P. P. S. - Noted :slight_smile:

(Swami Mathtraveler) #5

Hi James,

Will definitely let you know how things go. Thx.

2-sided materials are nice sometimes to save on poly count. In my case of "sphere world", it would be nice to have, so an "environment" could be on the inside, and some identifying/distinguishing/informative texture could be on the outside. I'm imagining multiple worlds in the same scene, each self-contained, but all viewable/accessible from "outside" - sorta like a visual menu. Just a thought. Something to play with:) [Of course, I'll just use two concentric spheres and that'll fix the "problem":)]