Problem exporting animations to Sketchfab


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Hi I am working on a model from monster hunter world as a bit of practice and fun in 3ds max.
I have set up the chains to rotate around the 2 cogs using path deformation and wire parameters, but when I Export them to sketchfab the chains are laid out flat and not at all what it should be,
(I have had this problem before with another model when trying to export to unreal and never figured a solution yet… so would be nice to finaly figure it out)

Iv tried baking the entire scene down to keyframes using the motion tab but it still has not solved the problem.
Maybe it impossible to do this the way I have animated and rigged the chains up. Its something to do with the path deformation as far as I can tell… But if anyone can help me out please let me know, thanks!!

Here is the


I opened both of your uploaded FBX files in FBX Review and the result is the same as Sketchfab, so it seems to be an issue with the export.

Are you able to send us the .max file so we can take a closer look?

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Hi James,
I can send you the max file if it could help with a solution.
Its something I have been meaning to figure out since the last time i attempted something similar with a tank and its treads were causing the same issue, so any solutions or ideas would be great :slight_smile:
How should i send the file to you?


How big is the file? You can DM me on the forum and upload it directly or send a WeTransfer / Dropbox / Google Drive link.

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thanks James
Iv sent on the file to you in a DM :slight_smile: