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Problem exporting from Substance Painter - Emissive practically lost!


(Acre) #1

I'm absolutely new to Sketchfab, and texturing with tools such as Substance Painter. I participated in the Meet MAT contest with this submission, although I never got to upload it into Sketchfab, so yestarday I investigated how to export textures, and I´ve noticed that all the emissive maps are absolutely dark. But looking at the model in the Substance viewport, it's perfect! So, I can't imagine what was the problem: do I have to bake the textures to export them? Is some of the texture settings affecting the export file?

Thanks for the help !!

(Acre) #2

(Dark Minaz) #3

If you don't mind sharing the file i could have a look what might cause the issue :wink:
normally if you export it should export an emissive map with some details

(Acre) #4

Sorry about the wait, I was experiencing some internet problems and was impossible for me to upload it. Here is the link to the file:

Thanks a lot, dark_minaz

(Skyeshark) #5

Did you take a look at it in 3d settings to see if the emissive map was uploaded at all? It might have just not gotten applied or gotten applied with a very low value, also, when working with emissives you'll usually always want to add some post-process bloom to get them to pop more!

(Dark Minaz) #6

had a quick look, if you set the preset to sketchfab (and then hit cancel to not autoupload)
it generates an emissive texture that then can be just put in the emssive slot

So after upload it looks like this

So not like you wanted it at all
So you have to go to the material tab and set the emissive to 100 in all 3 textures

Looks slightly better :wink:

But we want it to glow so head over to post process and activate bloom

now fiddle a bit with the light settings and you get this :slight_smile: