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Problem moving object to origin (translate/rotate/scale)

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Probably mainly a meshlab problem, but I’m guessing some users of sketchfab are knowledgeable users of meshlab, and can help me, as a new user. I have been downloading a few plaques from sketchfab for 3d engraving/milling. I use meshlab to convert the files to stl format. It helps if I can scale and rotate the model to line up with the xyz axis, at the axes origin. Some of the sketchfab models, e.g.
when loaded into meshlab, and I select ‘draw xyz axis in world coordinates’, seem to be located so far off the origin, that I can’t see in which direction to manually move the object, since the xyz axes do not even appear on screen, even if I zoom out as far as possible. Any one any ideas on solving this?



Go to Filters → Normals, Curvatures and Orientation → Transform: Translate, Center, set Origin, Choose Center on BBox from the Transformation dropdown, and click Apply. Then press 0 to recenter the camera. This should place the model at the center of your axes in world coordinates.

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Thanks James, that does the trick. What does Bbox signify? Also, I think I can align it with a plane with ‘transform:rotate to fit a plane’ - doing it manually with the manipulator, on exporting mesh, seems to lose the new orientation.


BBox is the model’s bounding box - i.e. the cube volume that encloses the mesh. This transform moves the center of the bounding box to the center of the world coordinate system.

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Thanks again