Problem receiving the registered textures

Hello sketchfab team, I have a problem receiving the imported textures from the 3d editor of the Sketchfab page.

first I import my new textures from the model’s body (in this case it’s a bottle):

As you can see in the image, I have 4 DIFFUSE textures for the body of the bottle, the ones covered by a red box are the new ones that I just added, then when I go to the console and check the registered textures of the model with the getTextureList function I get the following:

As seen in the previous image I receive an Array with the textures of the model but the new imported textures are not there.

are not there:

2K_bk3_X_body_DIFFUSE_green_ik_200634.png (green).
2K_bk3_X_body_DIFFUSE_ik_200611.png (black).
2K_bk3_X_body_DIFFUSE_red_ik_200633.png (red).

only: 2K_bk3_X_body_DIFFUSE_charcoal_ik_200628.png (gray).

I’ve really been investigating for a long time if the problem is the new textures imported from the sektchfab page or if I should import them from the code with the addTexture function.

I would greatly appreciate your help with an example because I cannot find a way to solve it.