Problem solved - Remove a model from a collection?


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Problem solved - With more research i think my problem can be solved by setting my model in private


Is it possible to remove a model from a collection ?
(not from my collection but from others collections)

I explain :
Today one guys followed me , liked one of my model , and added it to a collection named "tits"
1 - I dont want my model to appear in this collection
2 - and now the collection appears in the "ABOUT THIS MODEL" bloc (on the right) on my model page
I tried to go into the setting menu to find a "Prevent add to collections" option or something like that but i didn't find it :s

I dont want to set the model in private , i just want my models to be watchable , likable but thats all ^^
It will be a solution too if i can hide my model from all the researches on this site and only show them on my site with code (like i do now, but only on my website - and no passwords)

I will be grateful if you can fix it !
excuse me for my poor English .. :smile:
Thanks !

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My question is more now : Is it possible to delete/remove some followers ?

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We're aware of the issue of being added to unwanted collections and are working towards a solution. Setting the affected models to private for now is a workaround, but in most cases it's undesirable to make the models invisible..

Did you contact that user to ask him to remove your model from his collection? If he didn't reply let me know and I'll contact him.

Regarding your request to remove followers - what's the use case here?

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hi ! thx for the quick answer,
for my request to remove follower : its because now that i will set my models in private, he dont have any reason to follow me anymore ^^
plus i dont want him to put my other models in collection too

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Seems to me that if we allow you to remove your own model from unwanted collections, that problem is solved?

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yes i think