Problem to upload environment

(Jvouillon) #1

Hi, today I am not able to upload an HDR environment. After each upload I get this message:

Error while processing your environment

I am wondering if it is due to a problem with my account or something else...

Thank you,

Can't import HDRI - "Error while processing your environment"

Thanks for the report. We're investigating.

(Mark Rodriguez) #4

We are having the same issue. Two days ago, the HDR uploaded and processed with no issue. As of yesterday, we keep receiving the Processing Error prompt using the exact same model and environment. Tried on different systems and OS, still receive errors. Please help.


Yep, sorry about that. It's a bug on our end and we have a fix coming soon.

(Rybird) #6

I just had the same issue. Error while processing your environment.
I will return in the morning to see how many extra environments I may have. I tried three times then found this thread.

(Miguelbandera) #7

Same error here. Several files, last one this one

(Mark Rodriguez) #8

There appears to be an issue on the sketchfab processing side.

(Mark Rodriguez) #9

Thanks for the update James. Can you provide an ETA for said fix?

(Jvouillon) #10

Working now. Thanks James! :slight_smile:

(Bkpertaub) #11

Same problem: Error while uploading your environment


Sorry, you need a Pro account to upload an environment. We need to get that UI fixed.