Problem transparency windshield

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I dont know if this was asked before

I was uploading a model of a cartoony car,I made a texture in black and white that is suposed to be the transparency,but I dont know how to implement it,or maybe the texture is wrong

when I activate alpha blending it seems to work like I want but the whole model dont seem to cast shadows,in alpha masking it gets completly transparent

dont know if I have to link the model,its in draft

EDIT:I am using the PBR method


Could you post a link to the model?

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do I have to publish it first?


No, I can see it. Feel free to PM me.

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issue solved by adding a diferent material to the glass

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I seem to be having a similar problem I think...
Opacity map seems to not work with the alpha masking.

Candle Stick Phone by Louis Vissers on Sketchfab

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@vissers_louis your OpacityMap is a png so we assumed that the opacity information is in the alpha channel.

Simply switch the channel to "luminance" instead of "alpha" and it should work (or upload a jpg and we'll simply force luminance).