Problem visualizing model on mobiles and tablets


(Mingdao) #1

Hi, I've got one of my models uploaded and published. I can see it perfectly on my computer, but when I try to see it via cellular or tablet, it says there has been a problem and shut it down. It doesn't happen with the other models I've uploaded, and I've tried to redo the process of making a new model and uploading it several times by now. I've checked different mobile phones and tablets, too.

(Shaderbytes) #2

you should probably share the link to the model in question :slight_smile:

(Mingdao) #3

right, sorry.

(Stephomi) #4

3.2M faces is probably too much polys for some mobiles.

(Mingdao) #5

Is there a way of simplifying the model in sketchfab?


Not in Sketchfab (yet - it's a long term goal), but you can "decimate" models in software like MeshLab:

(Mingdao) #7

Great thanks!