PROBLEM: VR gaze “laser pointer”/selector dot not properly selecting

(Swami Mathtraveler) #1

Hi Sketchfabbers,

The new “laser pointer” looks cool, and the intended functionality is a nice addition since the initial SketchfabVR release. Unfortunately, it’s not working “as advertised” on my end:( I click an annotation, and the view goes “somewhere else”. Also, if I click on an object, when the animated concentric circles indicate a hit, the view either doesn’t change, or it goes off “somewhere”.




P.S. Once an annotation, or object has been “targeted” is SketchfabVR designed to activate after a “long gaze”, or is a click required? Or perhaps both can work?

(Aleahy) #2

The animated concentric white & yellow circles are teleportation destination, not a 'selector'.

When you click you get teleported to THAT location.

You'll notice the teleport reticle (the circles) can be hit and miss on complex object geometry. So sometimes the destination disappears just as you hit teleport and that's when nothing appears to happen.... well that's my guess!


(Swami Mathtraveler) #3

Thx, Andrew. Yes, I'm starting to figure things out. It's unfortunate the preset views of annotations don't translate to the VR, but I understand the issues. I see the floor grid and markings for teleportation. Unfortunately, the height of the virtual view seems to be set and not adjustable. It would be nice to be able to move between preset views of any location/height/angle/zoom. Or maybe you can, but I just don't have enough experience and don't know how. Anybody? TIA.

(Stephomi) #4

If we simply take the non-vr annotation presets views, it won't translate well in the majority of case.
it's important to follow some rules when navigation in VR such as keeping a consistant height relative to the floor.
Especially in vive/oculus (where height level is not fixed but real because of tracking), where having your "real feet" slighting above/below the "virtual floor" looks wrong.
That's why for now, we simple teleport the camera by keeping the same height level (unless there is no floor at a reasonable distance, in that case you will be teleported in the air).

When we developed this system, we also wanted to improve the editor so that the user could provide 2 views for each annotations :
* one for non-vr experience (annotation preset view)
* one another for VR (probably something similar to the "human vr" widget)

For some reasons, this feature has been on hold, but maybe somedays...

(Swami Mathtraveler) #5

Hi “stéphomi”,

Thx for the insight into Sketchfab VR. I understand the situation. It’s just unfortunately, since previous work that made a good VR experience no longer does - and now requires extra work to make things “right”. I’m happy to hear some attention was paid to this, but sad to know it is “on hold”. This user’s input is: “Bring it back. TIA.” We will just have to make due in the given situation. Such is technology and its implementation.

Thx, again.