Problem with 3D max exporter

I have problems with the 3D max exporter.

I have reinstalled the script, but still get an error when I open the exporter, and I can´t autorise the exporter.
exporter problem

@klaasnienhuis are you able to help with this at all? :pray:

We already communicated through my helpdesk and I sent a small update which did not provide a fix I’m afraid.

Hello, @klaasnienhuis
I have the same problem, can you help me too?

I think maybe it´s a problem with the windows installation, the NET. framework, but
I don´t know why it´s suddenly at problem. I have exportet lots of models, but
now I have the problem.

You can google the error-message and maybe have succes with a fix, but I haven´t had any luck with it.

jatkus, which windows version do you use?

I’m using Win10 Pro x64

Thanks :slight_smile:

I think maybe my problems is caused by installing 3D max on a disk that is not the
disk where the windows installation is.
It seems the Max installation looks on my main hardrive for the exporter script, and I struggle a bit with it.

I will post if I find a solution to the problem.

thanks :slight_smile:

It seems my 3D max 2021 can´t read zipped maxscripts (mzp file), but I´m not much skilled in maxscripts, so maybe I´m wrong.



I have made a release which includes .net 4.8. I hope this helps: Dropbox - INSTALLER_SketchfabPublisher_2023-03-27_10.0.mzp - Simplify your life. Please let me know whether this solves the .net warnings and error messages. If so, I’ll pass it on.