Problem with Albedo´s map Substance Painter 2

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Hi there!

I'm new to Sktechfab. I uploaded some test models from substance painter but i have a problem with this one, when i uploaded it from Substance painter 2, the Albedo's map is not showing but when i go to the 3d Settings, it is in there. The model was created in 3ds Max and PBR textured in SP2, with Vertex Color Selection.


by almax
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Another question I have is that when creating the model with color ID, there is no way to appear the different materials in sketchfab, only one is showing.


(Almax) #2

I could solve it! I just switch of "vertex color" on scene settings

Sorry i couldn't manage to delete this post.

Thanks anyway!


Glad you figured it out! Sorry for the confusion.

While most Substance users don't need the vertex colors, we've seen a few user workflows where they are expected to be preserved (especially when they are coming through several other software tools). So, we decided to keep them enabled for Substance uploads, even though they can cause this behavior sometimes.