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Problem with Alpha

(Evengeline) #1

Hi everyone ! I'm not sure I'm in the right place to ask questions

First of all, I apologize for my aproximative english, i'm french !

Well, my alpha texture act strangely in this asset, i can't understand why... Maybe I don't use a good way ?
Here's the model :

Potions by Justine Martin on Sketchfab

I use 2 jpeg in 2024 : a diffuse and a B&W alpha.
Can anybody help please ?

Thanks !


Looks like a draw-order problem.

A quick fix is to split the bottles into 3 different materials.

@stephomi - I don't think it should behave this badly?

(Stephomi) #3

As @james said, splitting the bottles into 3 different geometries will help a lot.
(it's not necessary to split it into 3 differents materials though, just 3 geometries with the same material should be good)

However for the pink liquid inside the round bottle, I'm afraid there's no solution for this kind of issue for now.

(Evengeline) #4

Ok, thanks a lot for your help !!