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Problem with Animation Export


(Cilegna) #1

Hello there,

I seemed to have experienced a problem with animation in the sketchfab viewer.
It seems that after I do a straight curve in Maya, the fbx export moves the mesh to the left even though I keyframed the offset to 0.

Here is the model I'm having issues with

Sci-Fi Corridor WIP by cilegna on Sketchfab

Around the Sigma Circle


Hey, sorry I didn't respond to your email yet.

It could be a compression issue on our end.

cc @marc @waleguene

(Mrchlblng) #3


it is a (geometry) compression issue indeed. So it's not related to the animation processing per se but rather when we look at how we could compress your scene, we detect a set of parameters that break the alignment when animated. I unfortunately have no fix or work around for you yet.
We're starting to think about how to improve our compression but that's a difficult subject so I have no ETA.

(Cilegna) #4

ah ok thanks for answering! :smile: glad that's cleared up.


We just shipped a fix and this animation should be ok now! Thanks for your patience :slight_smile: