Problem with animation


(Snoou) #1

Is it possible to set the animation to pause mode when the model is loaded on a site. and viewers can manually play the animation? i need that very much for my projects.


You can set the Static Pose as the default, but viewers will have to have to select the animation in the menu to play it:

(Snoou) #3

But how i can do that? when i try it (switching to static and then saving settings) it always play the animation?


Hmm, you're right. Sorry about that.

We're discussing this.

(Snoou) #6

Just let me know when something pops up, so i can do what i was intended to.
Thx very much for trying to help. Cheers.

(Snoou) #7

Its been some time so I will repeat my question. Is there a way to stop animation by default on start?



I'm sorry, there has been no update yet, but it's on our todo list!

(Snoou) #9

Okey. THX


Saving the Static Pose as the default view will be implemented in our next release :slight_smile:

(Snoou) #12

Okey. Now its working. THANK YOU VERY MUCH