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Problem with "chromatic aberrations" and transparency

(Moroplogo) #1

I 've noticed a difference from today about the chromatic aberration for the objects which are transparent. These chromatic aberrations are highly diminished or nonexistent. Is it due to a modification of code ?
Below is the relevant example : ( )
before :

now :



Chromatic aberrations is now disabled on fixed backgrounds ( See: )

Maybe that is the cause? cc @stephomi

(Moroplogo) #3

Thanks @james for your rapidity!
I just tried with no "Fixed Background" and I used "Lights" and "Environment" but I can't to realise the same effect.


Hmm ok, I'm not sure. I'll wait for @stephomi to take a look tomorrow.

(Stephomi) #5

We disable some postprocesses when using the fixed background, but if there is transparent meshes on top of the background I fail to detect those.
I'll fix that.

(Moroplogo) #6

Oh, thanks very much @stephomi for your interest to solve my problem! We can create very nice effects with that.

(Moroplogo) #7

I managed to solve my problem by adding a cube covering my original model. But now the surfaces are less smoothed than before although I 've subdivised vertices.

(Moroplogo) #8

"..the surfaces are less smoothed than before although I 've subdivised vertices."
I had forgotten to click on "smooth" in blender. Now it is nicer and there are fewer faces (524k instead od 1.3M).