Problem with exporting multiple animations from UE5 to Sketchfab

Greetings. Didn’t find the answer anywhere, so I ask here too.
I need to upload a model and 3 animations to it on the Sketchfab. The animations were created in UE5. Apparently I am not exporting the animation from the UE correctly, because in the engine itself it plays perfectly, but in Sketchfab, despite the fact that all three animations are in the list for selection, the model remains static, for any selected animation.
I export as follows - First, I export the mesh without animation (screen 1), then I export separately the animation (Animation Sequence) with the following export parameters (screen 2). Then I combine the files into an archive according to the hierarchy suggested by the sketchfab (screen 3), and post it.
Help, what am I doing wrong?