Problem with fbx upload failing to play scale animations

Hello everyone,

I’ve tried a lot of things, and am at a loss where to proceed:

The animation works exactly as expected, except scale animation values seem to be ignored.

I’m exporting out of modo 13. I’ve tried all the FBX versions available, (including fbx 2013 with recommended settings as in the animation FAQ)

I’ve tried importing the fbx into Maya 2019 (where the item scale animation works fine), and re-exporting it for upload to sketchfab. The result is the same. No scale animation. Is there an issue on the sketchfab side?

Preview here:

the yellow caps and darts/projectiles are supposed to scale to 0% to disappear.

Thanks for any help in advance!


Not sure if this will help, but have you tried using bones?
This is the way I did scaling in my 3Ds Max scene.
All of the movement was just standard animation, but for laser scanning I used a single bone to scale it up and down.

Go to “model inspect -> bones” to have a look.

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Thanks for sharing - great model! The way you use a bone for the scanner effect is very straightforward. Because of the needs of my animation, I’m using dynamic parenting (parenting constraint in Maya - probably called something else in 3Ds Max) To make it work it looks like i’ll need 12-24 bones. Not ideal, but I’m open to trying it if the fbx exporters at my disposal can’t do it.


In your case I would try it out first in a small scale and see if it works. Maybe it’s totally a different problem.