Problem with Firefox on Smartphones


(Gilles38) #1

Hello, I am having a problem to simply visualize models on my Smartphone (Android 6.0) with Firefox. Looks like there is no lights. Everything works fine with Google Chrome using the same phone and all navigators are also working OK on my computer

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Hmm. Could you post a screenshot of from the Android Firefox browser?

(Gilles38) #3

Hi Jamesn,
here it is (WebGL1 in 2 screenshots as my phone screen was too small to see it all at ounce).
Hope this helps

(Gilles38) #4

Hi James, still have the same problem. Did the reports above help ?
It happens on both static models and animations. Animations are working fine unlike @skyeshark (
Am I the only one ?
Thank you



We haven't been able to debug this very successfully. Firefox + Android represents just 0.1% of traffic to the site, so I'm afraid we don't have much to work with here :confused:

(Gilles38) #6

So what browser would you recommend with Android ?
It doesn't work either with the native Samsung browser. The problem is different here: the model seems to load ok until the end of the blue loading bar but then the model never get displayed.