Problem with firefox render

(Ingg) #1

Hi, i have upload 2 model on my account
lion sculpture (fbx with inside texture)

Lion De Young by ingg on Sketchfab

flour packaging (zip with dae and jpg)

3ds by ingg on Sketchfab

One edited with autodesk product, other with google sketchup 2014
If i see 3D model on firefox V35 adobe last version and unity plugin i have texture problem, if i see this 2 model on baidu spark browser (i think also other chrome browser) i all work good.

How to resolve?

Baidu Spark: right mouse button not traslate
Comodo ice dragon: work good
Qihoo 360 browser: correct texture but bad model rotation (only 1 orbit with fixed angle) + right mouse button not traslate
Vivaldi: texture problem + right mouse button dont work

(Ingg) #2

i think was a cache problem. Now when i restart my PC/firefox problem disapear

(Bart) #3

Okay, glad to hear it, thanks for the update!


For the record, the Sketchfab viewer doesn't require Adobe Flash, Unity, or any other plugin wink

(Ingg) #5

umm Sketchfab use html5 + java?

Problem appear another time with 2 different appearance: all black and bad texture wrapping.
I have 2 sketchfab model open on browser.
bad cache between two model into same browser session?

And right click (translate) on Baidu Spark make this: a blue line over all with mouse mouvement


Hmm it could be. I've seen that before.

No Java. Just HTML5 + WebGL (JavaScript)

(Ingg) #7

New upgrade of sketchfab render (i think Phisical based render), new problem...

Baidu spark and comodo ice dragon make model like a light

On vivaldi, chromium, firefox work good

Lion and "farina barilla" on top of this topic work good!
scream smile

(Bart) #8

Hey @ingg

I'm afraid we don't actively support those browsers. For a full overview of supported browsers, please see here:

(Ingg) #9


np, but effectively, baidu spark is diffused in Korea and China.
Only 1 bilions users.


@ingg If you can send us the JavaScript Console log from these browsers loading a Sketchfab model, we'll take a look.

(Stephomi) #11

I installed baidu spark.
I can't reproduce the bug (which model?). Is it fixed yet?

(Ingg) #12

i have yet blue line problem with mouse right button and all model.
Do not know where find JavaScript Console log. I see tool/developper tool, but any idea if this can help.