Problem with generated usdz file

I sell a blender model for a long time now without problems.
But yesterday, a customer contact me in the goal to cancel a sell because he have somes problems with USDZ file and soliworks 2019 compatibility ( Component are not in the correct position and size).

In my case, i only generated a blender file and sketchfab automatically generate USDZ file and GLTF file. Now i have a problem with a customer about files that i dont create and generated and files that i don’t have any control.

I don’t want to lose time with these files. Me i only want to sell blender file.

** Is it possible to knows if problems exist with USDZ file and soliworks (i don’t see that in the forums)?
** Is it possible to knows if we can disable the generation of USDZ and GTLF files when we download a blender file?

Thanks for your help.


I know nothing about Solidworks so I won’t be able to answer your first question, but I’m working on the glTF/USDZ export so if there is anything wrong in that process, we must have a look to see if it comes from Sketchfab -> USDZ and provide a fix if it’s on our side.

Could you share the link to the model so that we can investigate ?

(I wasn’t aware about USDZ support in Solidworks.@james have you seen any similar report ?)

Unfortunately there is nothing allowing to disable glTF/USDZ for downloadable/store models at the moment. They act like “Bonus” file providing a way to import the whole model into a lot of softwares and getting a very close result to the actual Sketchfab version.

The concern is raised though, there will be some internal discussions about this but I can’t give you any guarantee that it will be possible soon.

the link is here : Raspberry Pi 4 Model B - Buy Royalty Free 3D model by F2A (@Fa_Sketch) [37d36f6] - Sketchfab Store
When the customer open the model with solidworks, the problems is that components are not in the good position and not in the correct size.
It’s the first time that i have a problem with a customer about this model.

I understand that usdz files act like a “Bonus” but a customer not familiar with sketchfab can have somes difficulties to understand.