Problem with getNodeMap function

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is there any way to modify the data API through JAvascript instead of swagger UI?
Im new in programming but i get nice results with he viewer API and I want to use DATA API the same way.

Sorry for my bad English and thanks.


Yes you can access the Data API with JavaScript. What are you trying to accomplish?

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thanks for reply. I solved that problem but today i get **** up with the getNodeMap function. Yesterday it works fine but today it only gives me two nodes.
The model is “47e0f04b958748a5880e35090d0775f0”.
And thats is my code :


Can you try adding graph_optimizer: 0 to your client.init options?

Also, you should remove continuousRender because it hurts performance (and all options have been changed to snake_case now anyway so your camelCase parameter isn’t actually doing anything).

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I have the same problem, if i look the inspector, all the nodes are right :frowning:

Edit: I managed to solve it, i needed to close a function. Noob problems :sweat:
Sorry for bothering jajajja