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Problem with models on Android Phones

(Ryansundberg) #1

This model is working on desktop browsers, but not on my Samsung SM-G920A, Android version 7.0. The model loads, but it is very dark and there is no detail. On iPad in Safari it loads a bit slow, but the full image comes up and looks OK. On desktop devices it looks good and the pan and zoom are smooth. This is a model that we converted from Solidworks into Maya. We are trying to do everything we can to optimize the model (combining meshes, turning off certain features, etc, but any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

(Bart) #2

The model has 1.8 Million polygons which is probably way too much for mobile devices. Looking at the wireframe, I can't really tell where all that complexity comes from, but it would be worth using a 'decimation' modifier on it to clean it up.