Problem with my displacement map?

(Beeswax) #1

Hey, I’m a total novice to the technical aspects of 3D modelling so there are probably more issues here than I even realise. But basically I have tried to follow as many tutorials as I can find yet my results always seem to be about the same. I think my texture and normal maps are not too bad, not totally broken at least… but something really goes wrong with the displacement map. The image below is what happens when I apply the displacement map in the 3D settings. I think I am probably just missing an important step somewhere or something simple, but after hours of searching I still can’t understand what I am doing wrong.

Obviously, I’d like the upload to be as close to my original Zbrush sculpt as I can get it and if there are any other obvious mistakes I’m making I would love to hear them. Below is the original on subdivision 5 if that helps. It at least seems like the distortions are happening in the right places if thats anything

And the model is here too (didn’t want to touch any lighting effects until it actually works). Thanks for at least reading all this anyway, hope someone can help

(Stephomi) #2

In your case, you should only use a normalmap.

In sketchfab, the displacement texture simply moves the vertices, so you’d need more polygons/vertices for the effect to be effective.

At the moment, the only use case that makes sense is if you have the same model that you want to use for different displacement map.
Example : substance source ground model (same model but different displacement/texture)

(Beeswax) #3

Ah thank you for the response, it makes much more sense now. My results still seem to drop a lot of quality between zbrush and the final upload for some reason though, but I can keep on trying at least