Problem with my model. Parts turn black. HELP!

Some parts of my model turn black.
Can someone help me fix it ?

I saw on a other topic that i need to disable the vertex colors. But that button doesn’t show in my settings

I tried an obj and an fbx.
This is the result when its an obj.
When it is an fbx. The whole model is black or gray when I give it textures.
The uv’s should be fine. they are in 3Ds max.
Also when I textured them in substance Painter there was no problem.

I don’t see any Black areas on the model linked above. Is the OBJ version and works fine?

I would still guess the FBX problem is related to Vertex Colors - Substance often uses these for masking. You wouldn’t see the option to disable them with an OBJ version as they are not part of that file format.