Problem with password reset

(Omarestrella) #1


I'm trying to reset the password for another account that I have with you, but I do not get any mail with instructions. Can you help me?



What's the username for the account?

(Omarestrella) #3

Userjname: juegostriannon


I've manually sent you another password reset. Did you receive it?

If not, please email me:

I want to make sure the email we have for your account is correct, but not on the public thread.

(Omarestrella) #5

I received the new password but i can't login.


Can you please clear your browser cache/cookies and try again?

(Omarestrella) #7

I deleted the information and I can not access.


What browser are you using? Can you try a different browser?

(Omarestrella) #9

Firefox, Chrome, even Internet Explorer. I can't login.


Are you sure you're using the correct email to login?

The email address you contacted me with is not the same as the email address on the juegostriannon account.

(Omarestrella) #11

Everything is working fine now. Please close the thread.

Thank you guys. I love your services!.