Problem with refraction

(Moroplogo) #1

In my last model :
I have a problem between glasses and the ophthalmic frame of this pair of glasses.
As we see in the picture below , the ophthalmic frame is reflected in the glasses and delete the refraction effect .
I tried many possibilities without success with this downloadable model .
Thank you for your help !

(Paul Sketch) #2

did you try checking the “use normal offset” in the editor part of refraction ?

(Moroplogo) #3

@paul_sketch ? yes , but then there is no more refraction effects !!!
You can see this example :

(Paul Sketch) #4

Indeed, seems it didn’t work here, as no normal map.
(I thought the frame and window were 1 material/mesh)

what you can try:

  • to move the red frame more “in front” of the glass so that it doesn’t perturb refraction
  • merge the red frame and glass in the same material (and use a refraction texture to scale refraction on glass/frame)
  • set the red frame with refraction with intensity 0.999 (very very slightly refract, but won’t appear in glass refraction as it’s only one layer of refraction in our real time render engine)

(Moroplogo) #5

Thank you @paul_sketch , I have chosen to use “refraction” with intensity 0.999 for the frame.