Problem with scale in VR

(Termagroup) #1

Hi, we upload our models in FBX format. We use one Blender unit as one meter and export with standard fbx exporter with scale of 1. Scale that was automatically chosen in "virtual reality" tab was always wrong but so far we just had to type "100" and it was ok. Now that has changed and those values are all over the place. 100% size is now 596.5606 or 709.4471 in some of the older projects for example, even though they should all be the same. And so now we can't properly set scale for our new projects, other than doing it by feel.


(Stephomi) #2

It is an issue on our end, it will be fixed on the next release (hopefully next week or the week after since things are a bit slow at the moment).

As a work around simple click the "use 1 unit = 1 meter" and multiply this value by 2.5118864.

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