Problem with show thumbnails on site

When I try to show thumbnails on site, they does not show.
I see this error in Network

It seems a problem with your web browser or the web server of your web site.

You can read these articles :

I have just faced the same issue!
It has worked super fine for a long time, but suddenly it doesn’t, and I haven’t changed anything in the code for a long time.
Hope you can find a solution.

Sketchfab preview is loaded asynchronous with the following code (relevant part):

	$data = json_decode(file_get_contents(''.$sketchfab_link));
	$output = '<img class="renditionloaded" src="'.$data->thumbnail_url.'">';
	echo json_encode(Array('return_class' => $return_class, 'output' => $output));

I do not think it is problem with server. I added only html code on frontend <img src="sketchfab_thumbnail" />
I tried in different browsers and operation systems and have the same an error

Now it works again on my site …
Thanks for fixing it – if it was you :slight_smile:

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