Problem with texture positioning (3ds max)


(Nikubik) #1

Hello everyone,

I'm new here, and i encounter a problem. When i import an object (.3ds) from 3ds max 2010, sometimes the diffuse texte in not in the right position. In 3ds max, it's alright, in viewport and when i render, but here it's like the texture has slided from the right position. Any idea where does it comes from ?

Exemple here: The control panel on this hoven is off.

Best regards guys and girls.



Have you tried the 3ds Max Exporter? Or using FBX or OBJ rather than .3DS?

Are you using UV Tiling or Offset? We don't support those.

(Nikubik) #3

Thank you for the answer.

I've tried the 3ds max exporter but, after the script is installed, when i hit the button, i got an error.
You're right about the offset. I use it on some texture. That's why i got problems only sometimes.
I get rid of it, upload again and voilĂ . Thanx again.

Well done sir :smile:


Glad to hear it! Nice model :smile: