Problem with texture

(Marcis Kalninsh) #1

When I add texture (made from images) to model it contains images connection lines. How can I hide them? Are there any ideas? In blender, meshlab, CC, etc everything is ok, this problem is only in sketchfab...


What software did you use to create this model?

It seems we're having an issue with texture seams with PLY files. Are you able to export OBJ (+ MTL + texture) instead? You can upload them together in a ZIP archive.


(Marcis Kalninsh) #3

Models I am makeing with VIsualsFM and textures with Meshlab. I already tried with zip obj.+mtl+texture, bur result the same

(Bart) #4

Could you mail me the .blend file so I can do some tests? It's

(Marcis Kalninsh) #5

I already solved problem. There were some mistakes in mlt. file wink

(Bart) #6

Glad to hear it! Were those mistakes caused by Blender?

(Marcis Kalninsh) #7

Yes, it shows up after work with Blender. I reinstalled Blender and that solved problem.