Problem with the resolution of the model


(Seguradojesus) #1

Hi friends!
Now I have a new problem about resolutions, because I have finished the model, the texture have a resolution of 2048 px (resolution when I saved my texture after to use the modifier unwrap uvw in 3d max) and my model is not very good when I see it in sketchfab.
I have used textures witn resolutions of 512px for smaller objects and 1024 px y 2048 px and one is much larger and also looks good. I would like you to zoom the model you can see some texture detail.
When I rendering one texture with the program 3d max, the texture looks good, but in the viewport of sketchfab is not good. I donĀ“t know this happens. If someone can help me, I would appreciate it


Have you tried disabling "auto unwrap objects" in the 3ds Max plugin?

(Seguradojesus) #3

hi friend.
Thanks for your suggestion. I have done it and not work, but may itself be the solution. I think that the problem, perhaps, is the application of materials to the model, the IDs, because it is posible that the model is badly done.
thank you very much.