Problem with transparent PNG

Hi all,
I have a problem adding PNGs with transparency.

When I add a PNG as PBR map / base color and Opacity / Blending the PNG looks fine in the viewer.

When I save and view the model in the 3D viewer the PNGs look all warped

I’ve tried multiple PNGs, re uploading the model, using the Sketchfab exporter in Blender - all the same result.

Hi @CSMajorBoris,

This issue appeared very recently and we have been able to reproduce it. The cause is still unknown and we are currently investigating. It seems to happen on non-RGB channels.

We 'll come back to you when we have a fix or at least a workaround, sorry for the inconvenience


Hi @waleguene,

It seems the issue is fixed, right?


Yes, I confirm the issue has been fixed last week so it should be ok now :+1:


why my png looks like this?

why my png looks like this? it should look like this