Problem with two surfaces close to each other

In this model create with Blender wikipedia logo - Download Free 3D model by moroplogo (@moroplogo) [f285865] - Sketchfab , one letter disappears and reappears between 07:30 and 08:30 , yet it does not happen in Blender and all letters are the same distance from their puzzle .
What distance do you recommend to use to avoid this phenomenon?
Thank you.

Puzzle mesh and letter mesh are too close,the letter is not extruded. Other letters extruded (but not all), extrude this letter too.

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Thanks @pxltiger, I specify that this letter is extruded like the others and I have already moved the letter slightly out of its puzzle. I think like you that it is a problem of optimization.

but I already corrected my post, decided that this was not an optimization, because the letters were completely flat. Then probably optimization.

Distance is the more the better, sadly it’s “case per case”, depending on scenes

( In webgl we have access to reduced depth buffer precision, whereas blender has access to latest Graphics Card API with more. )