Problem with "ui_control" in new interface

(Phraxis38) #1


I've got a problem with the "ui_control" option in the embed mode...
I have already talked about that with Maurice a few weeks ago... but I don't know if anything has been done about it.

Since the new interface has been released, the animation slider has disappeared when the "ui_control=0".... before this update, the animation slider was there and the other controls weren't (it was good).
It's a big problem for me because I've got more than 130 models embed in an educative website and now all my animated models cannot be controled by my users due to the slider being not visible.
And if I switch to "ui_control=1", all the controls appear... it's not great because I want to show the slider only (has it used to be)...

Is it possible to change that?
Maurice has told me that maybe an embed option will be developed to fix that. Is it currently on your roadmap?
I think it will be a great improvement to have the choice of the controls you decide to show. The interface will be even more refined... and I think that standard users don't have any interest in playing with the texture controls...

Thank you all.


(Mauricesvay) #2

I'm sorry for the inconvenience. We haven't had the time to work on that yet. On a brighter note, annotations now work with animations.

(Phraxis38) #3

Hi Maurice :slight_smile:
I understand... You have lot of work to do...:wink:

And the annotations!!! wow!
I tried is the result :

But I found a problem... It seems the annotations doesn't follow the piece on which it's standing...
In my case, i have two state : the "initial cabinet" and the "exploded view".
Try the number 22 in the initial view and try the same in the exploded view (frame 800) . :slight_smile:

Anyway, thank you to the team for their your good works...:clap:

(Jon Russell) #4


Did anyone ever figure-out a way to play and pause animations as well as having the slide bar? I have a code that starts and stops the animation but every time the model is stopped it reverts to a 2D image of the model, restarting it then continues in 3D again where it stopped.


Sounds like you're using the start() and stop() functions, which stop and start the whole embed. You need to use the animation-specific play() and pause() functions.