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Problem with view distance - models is cutted off


(Andrey) #1


I have a problem with view distance.

This model is fully good, i can sit into it:

But in other model i cant stay inside of cockpit: (use first person veiw)

Both starfighters have same scale in both scenes.

Star Wars Episode 1 "Phantom Menace" - Space Battle Ended
(Paul Sketch) #2

Front Clipping is dependent on scene "depth", which is distance between camera and the farthest object in scene.
To get the maximum precision, we have to push the near plane (hence "front clipping") when the far plane (farthest object) is "far away".

That's why second scene has front clip: because there is many object at distant view.

( if you wish for more technical details (or better explanation): )

(Andrey) #3

Oh... Ok, thanks. Can i fix it? Maybe set less view distance for far objects or something? Just it main idea for contest - flybe into the cockpit :confused:

(Paul Sketch) #4
  • perhaps try to hide non visible elements (scale -1) so that the far plane in nearer
  • check in VR if you have the same problem (as contest is for VR)

(Andrey) #5

Thanks! Have not any VR, but added "?cardboard=1" to URL. Now its look more better: