Problems buying models with PayPal from Denmark

There is huge problems with Paypal accounts here in Denmark.
Is there other ways to buy models (VISA ?)

Hi there

Sorry to hear this! Can you tell us a bit more about specific issues you are experiencing - you should see the credit card payment option on the site as well however it’s still processed via Paypal but may be worth a try.

Please reach out at with more details so we can try and resolve this ASAP for you


As long as the payment goes through Paypal you should have a paypal account.

Problem are when your VISA card expire. You can´t update your card, because
Paypal send confirmation code via old phone numbers, and you can chose to have the confirmation by mail, but when you enter the confirmation digit from your mail Paypal make a check more and call the old phone number again.

You can try that ower and ower again, it doesn´t work.

And if you try to make a new account, paypal ask for your phone number, and although you use your new phone number Paypal recognize you already have an account and phone your old number.

… never ending story.

You can read on Trustpilot that lots of people have the same experience, and if you visit Paypal dk on Facebook the last comment is from November 2018, it´s dead and same if you try to phone them.

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