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Problems loading grid files- tried several formats

(Dodriscoll) #1

Hi There,
I'm trying to load grid files of xyz data from seabed mapping surveys but I just and error (An unexpected error occurred while processing the file (Error 20). If the error persists, contact us.) everytime.

The data uses Latitude, Longitude, Depth values so I'm not sure if sketchfab is able to read those, in particular we sometimes have issues with 3d packages as the Depth values are negative, would that maybe be the issue? I mostly use mapping softwares such as ArcGIS and Global Mapper which allows me to convert the data to .asc, .shp, kmz and vmrl but all of the files get the error above when I try to bring them in.

Any help gratefully received, we have a number of shipwreck surveys which would be great to get into a viewer like this.

Thanks and regards,



Could you share a sample file with me?

For .ASC files (point clouds), we expect vertices one per line, like this:


(Dodriscoll) #3

Hi James,
Apologies I looked at my .asc file and it is not formatted as a single xyz per line. Rather it is a square grid of point values that uses a corner point to locate and plot the values. Attached is a zip of (2.9 MB) text file with a single x,y,z value per line, would that work?

Thanks for your help,


I just changed the .txt extension to .asc.

It was processed successfully, but I'm not sure it's what you wanted:

KRY13 03 2m WGSS84 by James on Sketchfab

(Dodriscoll) #5

Hi James,
Yes it's not quiet what I was looking for but at least I know how to get the files in now! I will try with some other files today and I might have a better idea of what's happening. Do I need to or is there anywhere that you would assign the xyz values in a file or does the software just assume that the file is formatted as x,y,z per line?

Thanks for your help,


Hi Dee,

As far as I know, it assumes x y z [r g b] per line.

In the past I've had some success with LASTools for converting and formatting point cloud file formats.