Problems on MacOs browsers

(Zlatkomkd) #1

I encountered a problem with the viewer on safari browser on Mac OS . When the model is loaded in the viewer with the correct textures in the next moment the texture changes by itself and after that the viewer crashes and loads the model again and the same thing happens all over again.

With chrome and firefox it opens with compatibility isues and allowes 360 rotation only in horizontal plane. (Only on MAC on windows is OK).
Here you have a link of one of the models .

On iphone it looks great but the problem happens only on MAC.

(Rémy Bouquet) #2

Hello, I could not reproduce your issue on osx with safari.
Could you be more specific on what you use exactly : Safari version, the installed safari extensions, your graphic card type.

Also about the rotation issue, I don't get it. The default camera setting are 360° Horizontally but only 180° vertically everywhere, so I'm surprised about the "on windows it's ok"`.
Could you be more specific?