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Problems to fix

(Rdstonetrxz) #1

tell us what your problems are and the sketchfab team will hopefully fix it!

(Rdstonetrxz) #2

even i have a problem! The "search" bar does not work for me... Is there a way to fix it?

(Bart) #3

Cool idea smile Could you describe the issue in a bit more detail? Also, please provide the following information to help us zoom in on the issue:

  • the URL of the page on which you're trying to search
  • the search keyword(s) you're using
  • your browser and operating system
  • the result you're getting.



Does search work in Incognito/Private mode, with plugins/extensions turned off? I've had a problem with Ad Blocker or Disconnect breaking search ( likely because of Google Analytics ). Can you try whitelisting if you use ad/track blocking plugins?


Operating System/version? Browser/version? Does it happen in all browsers?

Do you have any gamepads or other unusual input hardware connected?

Can you post a console log during the page load and while the zoom happens?