Problems uploading models ''.obj'' from agisoft


(Jesusaficionado) #1

Hello, I’m new here.

I’m working with agisoft photoscan to upload my models. The problem comes when I upload my model, it seems completely white, without colours. I don’t know what’s the problem,

I think I should upload ‘‘materials’’ too? That’s my doubt. Cause when I upload my model in ‘’.obj’’ format I don’t need upload materials, isn’t it?

Sorry for my English, I’m Spanish, if you can answer in spanish I’d be very happy.

Thank you for help me.



Can you send me a link to the model so I can take a closer look?

Usually, you should upload the .OBJ + .MTL + texture image file(s) all together. You can also upload directly from Agisoft PhotoScan by going to File → Upload model…

(Jesusaficionado) #3

Thank you for help me. I resolved(?) the problem uploading all these files and now I can visualize my models without problems.

Now I’m exploring(?) preferences about VR, it looks incredible, soon I’ll make publics my models. Thank you so much!!!

And again, sorry for my English, what a hard language!! :sweat_smile::sweat_smile: