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Problems with 3D models


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Hello everyone
I do not know where to start, I'm in trouble in the models, not modeling but in Sketchfab own.
They are fading after a few seconds and all markings are not in the model
I am awaiting a response support so far nothing.

Thank you and I'm waiting


I also responded to you email. I have not been able to reproduce this issue. Have you tried a different browser?

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Yes I tested

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Provavelmente erro no Sketchfab

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A week ago I was working normally this function, but this week everything changed, do not know if it changes by the Sketchfab, or error in it, I am also suffering from login, he leaves login.

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Some models even adjusting after some time this error appears floating annotations

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Error server something of Sketchfab, after sending the model he again returned to normal, probably the server is not able to maintain the 3D model, but I can not be sending all my models again if I have 1000 kkkkk models

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Probably is not holding or stored 3D file

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I realized that I place annotations in animation, it leaves the model and goes to the corner of sketchfab desktop and add.


We recently made some changes to Annotations and fixed some bugs, but it should be working now. I just checked all of those models above and they work for me.

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Thank you for solving the problem super fast :slight_smile: