Problems with embedding

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Hi there,

I’m a bit stumped at the moment - I’m trying to open this model already loaded and in fullscreen like described here, but to no avail. It says “You can quickly share the fullscreen version of your model by adding ‘/embed’ to the end of any model URL”, but that doesn’t seem to work with my models - I keep getting ‘404’ errors (like this). It does work with the test cube, though.

Anybody knowing what I’m doing wrong?

Thanks a million!


(Archaeobotics) #2

No ideas? Nothing?



Sorry about that. It’s because the trick of adding “/embed” doesn’t work with our new URL structure. You’ll need to create the the real embed link based on the old URL structure.

(Archaeobotics) #4

Hi James,

thank you - didn’t get that! Works perfectly now, even with autostart etc.: