Problems with .obj files

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I have these .obj files of 3D printable letters that I want to sell on my website. The problem is that on the sketchfab viewer these models look bad(broken).

Is there any way I can fix this issue?

Have an awesome day! :slight_smile:

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@3De I'm not sure what viewer you're using as a reference but the issue here lays in your input data. The OBJ you uploaded on sketchfab contains normals data and those are responsible for the shading artifacts.
If you remove the normals from your OBJ (i.e. all lines starting with vn), we will recompute normals for you and the shading looks much better: Still not perfect due to the tesselation but probably suitable to showcase a printable model.

Hope that helps!

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Thank you for your reply! The model looks a lot better now! I am a real beginner in 3D modeling so could you please tell me how to delete these lines?

Thanks a lot!

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OBJ is a text format so if you know any good text editor, you just have to delete lines starting with vn. Otherwise I'd suggest that you download meshlab, load your OBJ and re-export an OBJ with "Vert > Normals" unchecked

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You are awesome! Thanks!