Problems with Samsung S7

(Renderingstudio) #1

Hi there,

my phone have problem to open sketchfab models on browser.
I tried with Chrome, Samsung Browser and Firefox, but they have always the same issue.
They give me problem with WebGL.

Can you give me some advice?

Embedded model not in 3D (Android)
(Bart) #2

Sorry to hear that! Could you share the URLs of the models you're trying to view, and describe the issue you're seeing?

(Renderingstudio) #3

I have problems with 80% of models, for example like this:

I attached the screenshot of errors

(Bart) #4

We're having a hard time reproducing this as this seems to be an intermittent issue that is specific to the S7 phone (it does not happen on the S6). What would really happen is that if this happens again, you visit this site and send post the report here:

We'll keep digging!

(Gilles38) #5

Hi all,
This is specifically on my smartphone (Samsung S7, Google Chrome).
My embedded model (here) is not in 3D (360° Images instead) as indicated on this snapshot.( Embedded with auto-start and turntable)

Using the same phone and Google Chrome, everything is fine on my Sketchfab account.

Still with the same phone but with Firefox, everything is fine also (except that there is no light as described in a previous post but that's another story).

Any advice from the staff ?
Thank you

(Bart) #6

@gilles38 I've merged your topic with this one that is describing the same issue

(Geromy) #7


There's another thread about issues with the S7. Similar as yours?