Problems with SketchFAB labs

HI, i having problems loading a model into a sketchfab lab screenshot category. Anyone with the same problem? Thx!


It is also broken for me !

Hi there - the issue seems to be with a recent update to Chrome, our team is looking into it.

im use Firefox, no chrome. Some idea when this was fixed?

Thanks for the info, I am unable to give a fix ETA at the moment

im trying to use, anohter explorers, OPERA, FIREFOX QUANTUM, EDGE, SAFARI; OPERA, with all have the same problem.

Hey Guys,

Another Sketchfab user @klaasnienhuis has been kind enough to link us to his Code Pen account containing a Screenshot set up in another thread.

Thank you so much for this @klaasnienhuis

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Thanks @mikeshortall1991 that’s really nice to hear.
Here’s a more recent example that creates multiple screenshots in quick succession

Hi, very nice work, but not is for me, I use a Sketchfab Screenshoot per fare mockup per questo i use a 4096 x 4096 out with transparent background (PNG)

I change the code with

background-color: rgba(0,0,0,0.0);


background-color: Transparent;

And dosnt work :frowning:

i doing work with this code

background-color: none;


If you want a transparent background, you need to use an init parameter and an API call to make that happen. Modifying the CSS of elements in the DOM will have no effect unless you tell the embedded Sketchfab model it should remove its background.
Here’s an example:

The screenshots tool (and other Labs experiments) works again!



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This is very helpful thanks so much

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