Problems with Sketchfab widget in an iBook on iOS devices

(Jsamson) #1

Hi, I’ve embedded my sketchfab models into an ibook using this tutorial and have noticed a problem when viewing it on an iPad or iPhone. There is no problem when viewing the sketchfab widget on a desktop or laptop…just iOS devices. The models will load, and the right third of the screen will not display the colors correctly. It looks to me like the vertex color of the models is showing but not the maps. I was hoping someone might have some knowledge about this issue or could point me in the right direction as how to solve it. I’ve attached a pic of the model as it appears in the iBook on my iPhone, as well as a link to this specific model.


Wow, that’s a strange one! Is it just in the context of the iBook that this happens? i.e. the model looks fine when using your mobile browser or our mobile app?

(Jsamson) #3

Yes, no problem. Here is how it looks on the Sketchfab app on my phone, no issues. So it definitely has me stumped!

(Jsamson) #4

Hi James I was wondering if there was any fix for this issue yet? I’ve been playing around with it and have found that on ios devices viewing sketchfab inside of an ibook or safari has that peculiar effect of rendering only a 686x544 area correctly.


I’m afraid we haven’t looked into this issue that much. Interesting that it’s happening in the regular Safari now, too. What is the exact model # of your device? It should be something like A1670 on the back cover.

(Jsamson) #6

I have a newer iPad, it says A1893.

(Jsamson) #7

Hi James, I think I figured out what the problem is…Subsurface scattering/skin on the materials! I’m not sure why but turning that off has fixed the rendering issues on iOS devices (I’ve attached screenshots of the before and after). Having identified the problem, is there a possible fix to the SSS option. I really would like to use it on my models since its such a beautiful option.


Huh. Super weird. Can you post screenshot of this report from the device? (just WebGL 1 is fine)