Problems with the bell on

I am trying to access notifications, but every time I ring the bell on the main Sketchfab page, it goes blank. What happens?

In the image you can see how the profile disappears, the bell, the shopping cart and the entire top header.

It’s happening to me in Google Chrome.

Hi there, and thank you for the notice :slight_smile: !

This problem is caused by a bug on our end, and a fix is currently on its way (in the testing and validation steps), meaning that this should be fixed soon.

In the meantime (and if you did not know already) you can still access your notifications through the following link:

Sorry for the inconvenience (and thanks again for reporting), but I think the bell will be “ring-able” really soon :wink:



Yes, I accessed directly from the link “Notifications”, I really warned you because I was there with the fly behind the ear jajajaja

@norgeotloic, have a good afternoon!